We're off to Carlisle

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Last week we'd made a creeper and disappeared off up the road for a few hours to celebrate the joining of two souls.

This weekend we travelled a little further for the same celebration. After a fairly early start, 6 hours of driving and two stops we found ourselves in Carlisle. This then is the furthest north I've ever been in this country and the furthest north I've ever driven.

Despite having nothing at all to do with the organisation of the weddings themselves, both have taken a considerable amount of time, effort and patience on the part of Jess. Last week's wedding took a lot of preparation and all the time along with making the creeper she was also busy making things for that wedding and this wedding; several dresses, bows, a cravat and other bits and bobs. So this week's wedding still required a lot of time and patience on her behalf. That's before we got there.

On the morning of the wedding I awoke to find Jess and Kee already hard at work preparing for the day ahead.

Jess and Kee preparing hair

This of course continued on to the coach that was taking us to Comlongon Castle for the wedding.

Final preparations on the coach to the venue

The weather was getting better by the hour and it hadn't started out badly.
View of the clouds and blue sky on the way to the venue

We arrived to a wonderful entrance.
View of the entrance

View of the garden

View of the garden

View of the Victorian entrance and building

Which of course meant the girls had the chance to make an entrance.
Jess and Kee standing on the steps from the house to the gardens

What to do when you're in a gorgeous Scottish castle with wonderful weather and beautiful gardens? You grab some drinks and have a chat with old friends and make some new ones.
Sit, chat, drink

Sit, chat, drink

After a short while we were marched to the ruined chapel where the outdoor ceremonies are held and waited for the official ceremony to begin.
Guests playing the waiting game.

Everyone merrily carried on chatting whilst the registrar organised people and we waited for the bride's arrival.
Waiting for the bride

<<<<<-- INSERT VIDEO HERE -->>>>>

With the official ceremonies over it was time for the photos and for everyone who wasn't involved to have a wander around the gardens.
The guests in the garden

The weather was still improving and the day was really heating up.

The bride and groom were finally returned to us after the usual round of photos.

More drinks, more sun, more chat.

There were plenty of nice photos to be taken of the grounds, but I wasn't here for the photography or else I would have brought my SLR.

Grounds and castle

Castle and dove cote

It's got to have been a good day, I mean how often do you get to take a picture of a small boy holding a chicken with an Aston Martin in the background?
Chicken, boy, car. WTF?

This could only be happening during the serving of a 5 course meal. This was in no way attributable to Jess and any rumours to the contrary are false.

And finally the obligatory bride and groom dancing blurred shot.
Bride and groom dancing

We had a great time and our thanks go to Ian and Louisa for inviting us, all involved in helping the whole thing come about, from family and friends to the castle staff, and all the friends we made for making it such fun.