Computers need love too.

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Woot! Opensuse 11.4 is working well on the new Acer Aspire Revo R3700. I've swapped it out now with the existing R3610 in the kitchen. This will allow me to work out why the R3610 box is having issue with some HD content and give me a chance to clean up the mess Ubuntu seems to have made of the NVidia driver install.

The new file server ASUS AT3N7A-I motherboard is currently going through a MemTestx86 with it using my old 2G of PC6400 DDR2 RAM before I try switching the HDs from the current file server over to it.

The existing file server is a rather antiquated Dual Pentium III motherboard but as it is using RAMBUS ram it's actually been damn good at its job.

I'm going to try the existing FreeBSD install on the new hardware. It should work because it's a fairly recent FBSD and I'm not currently using a custom compiled kernel. I think the only likely issue will be with drive 3 (0 based index) because that's going to map to the external sata port. I believe this means the device names from drive 3 upwards will be off by one. That will just be a quick tweak to /etc/fstab in single user mode though.

I've also picked up two 60G OCZ Vertex2 SSDs to replace the boot drives for both my partner's machine and mine this evening. Based on my experience at work with my laptop it should improve both of our machines fairly drastically for booting and load times.

I was checking the temperature of the drives in the existing file server last night and I think I can get away with cramming it all in a normal mATX tower. I'll have to dig out a couple of drive bays from old cases and mount them in the case somehow to accommodate all the drives, but it will be a 12TB NAS in a slightly larger than standard NAS sized box and beat any NAS I could have bought for the equivalent money hands down. :)

The new mini ITX board is ION based and it's therefore got hardware HD decoding for transcoding with mencoder :). I'm not sure if it's even possible but it would be nice if someone gets around to writing an encoder that will take advantage of the VDPAU libraries, then it would be a fully hardware accelerated encoding box too :)

In other news MineCraft is running well now with my new 4g of ram and I don't have to kill off other applications when playing any more.