I Love Shopping

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What with Christmas and all we've all probably had enough of shopping.

I have to say though I spent exactly 1 and a 1/2 hours Christmas shopping this year (that's generally about my average, apart from some years for food), and there was barely anyone else around when and where I did it. So that's actually not the reason why I'm writing this.

Since Christmas we've been trying to buy a few things and I have to say not been having much success.

The big things we've been after are:
Sony Vaio NW20EF/W laptop.
Cambridge Audio A5 amp.
Set of copper bottomed saucepans.
Set of kitchen knives.

Laptop now seems to be on it's way, finally found available at John Lewis (now out of stock again).
Cambridge Audio A5 Amp, have instead bought a Cambridge Audio Azur340A SE/B.
Saucepans, still no closer to getting.
Kitchen knives, still no closer to getting.