I Had A Thought

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I had a thought. Oh yeah that was it.

I discovered VDPAU this evening and I'm (rather strangely) amazed at the level of hardware acceleration it gives me.

This got me to analysing my system a little. Two things have come to strike me.

The first is how damn inefficient the Microsoft platform is and the second is how different my home computing experience now is in comparison to my work experience.

I run two systems at work. A server 2008 box, core2duo, x64 4gig. Usual fairly mediocre box, but should be enough for daily use. The other is a Windows7 (oh thank the high and mighty Fista is gone) laptop, again core2duo, x64, 4 gig. plays CS:S at decent frame rates.

When it comes to work Visual Studio, SQL management studio, outlook, onenote, IE (one tab) well that's it we're paging now. 3.76gig in use. WTF!!.

At home on my OpenSuse 11.3 x64 "beta'd to fuck but still more stable than windows" setup I have apache, mysql, vuze, firefox, two 1080p videos, file manager, thunderbird, various shells, skype. I'm barely touching the quad core Q8400 and I'm using 1.4 gig of ram. the compositing I have in place put windows 7 and MacOS to shame. The video acceleration I now seem to have (since getting the 9600GT, and now standard on pretty much all semi decent Nvidia cards) is blinding.