It's A Sunny Day But It's Pouring

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The old adage, it never rains but pours feels very true today.

After getting through my MOT and starting the work needed to fix my wing mirror properly I've been slightly halted.

Shortly after my MOT; I enjoyed the "pleasure" of someone reversing out of a supermarket parking spot into my wing as I was driving down through the main thoroughfare and approaching the give way road markers.

Last night, driving home, my windscreen quite literally explodes, powdered glass and shards all over me and the interior of the car. As I got home it looks like someone has thrown something about the size of a golf ball at the car. There is a circular indent just over an inch in diameter, and then a curved dent rolling off to the side of the screen. Should have taken a photo really.

So today, rather than having the lie in I was so looking forward to, I have been chasing around trying to find someone who can fit a replacement windscreen before Monday morning. All answers being not possible till mid day Monday at the earliest, but more likely Tuesday as they will have to have the glass delivered.

I couldn't get an answer from several of the windscreen repair companies (on their national call centre numbers) and as I live 10 minutes walk from several of them I decided to head down to my local industrial estate; to find they are all closed on Saturday mornings despite nationally being 24/7 operations.

So I've given in, phoned the insurers, who have now arranged to take the vehicle away to a safe lockup, I really don't want to be leaving my car on the main road with a windscreen you can simply push in. They've also arranged a hire vehicle for me for Monday.

So I've now spent the rest of the morning waiting for phone calls and for people to arrive and am currently waiting for some more calls and more people to arrive.

There goes my gorgeously sunny Saturday. Instead of being out enjoying my T-Bar I'm stuck at home waiting for phone calls.

It may as well be pouring.