Gallery Too (AKA oooh look, pictures)

  • Embedded Gallery2 is not available.
  • Embedded Gallery2 is not available.

Pink has finally got around to putting a piece of gallery software on this site. Which is kinda handy for him seeming as he's been wanting to upload images for a while now.

The integration of the gallery is not very slick, but no doubt there are some settings somewhere that will allow him to tweak it to his needs. If not he'll just get frustrated and end up rewriting his own little gallery tool to fit into Drupal.

Apparently there is a g2Image Standalone thingy that allows you to use imges from the gallery in posts within Drupal. Buggered if Pink can find it yet though :)

He checked out how to write Drupal modules the other day and it looks pretty damn easy, so all he's got to do is just get on with it. There's really no barrier to entry on this one. It would probably be a good way to clean up some of his gallery code too.

Well hope everyone enjoys the images in the top right corner. They're probably the only ones that will be on here for a while yet.