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Photos and Google

MentalMadam was asking me how we do the photo thing now that I don't host them here any more.


Like this I guess.

We're off to Carlisle

Last week we'd made a creeper and disappeared off up the road for a few hours to celebrate the joining of two souls.

This weekend we travelled a little further for the same celebration. After a fairly early start, 6 hours of driving and two stops we found ourselves in Carlisle. This then is the furthest north I've ever been in this country and the furthest north I've ever driven.

Despite having nothing at all to do with the organisation of the weddings themselves, both have taken a considerable amount of time, effort and patience on the part of Jess. Last week's wedding took a lot of preparation and all the time along with making the creeper she was also busy making things for that wedding and this wedding; several dresses, bows, a cravat and other bits and bobs. So this week's wedding still required a lot of time and patience on her behalf. That's before we got there.

On the morning of the wedding I awoke to find Jess and Kee already hard at work preparing for the day ahead.

Jess and Kee preparing hair

Sir Charles The Creeper

So there's a wedding on the horizon, it's 6 weeks away and you get the bright idea to make a soft toy for the wedding present that consists of 1,236 one inch squares.

Are you mad. Well yes we obviously are. But isn't he cute.
Sir Charles The Creeper - Completed

So how do you go about making this?

Go here and buy the pattern.

Computers need love too.

Woot! Opensuse 11.4 is working well on the new Acer Aspire Revo R3700. I've swapped it out now with the existing R3610 in the kitchen. This will allow me to work out why the R3610 box is having issue with some HD content and give me a chance to clean up the mess Ubuntu seems to have made of the NVidia driver install.

The new file server ASUS AT3N7A-I motherboard is currently going through a MemTestx86 with it using my old 2G of PC6400 DDR2 RAM before I try switching the HDs from the current file server over to it.

The existing file server is a rather antiquated Dual Pentium III motherboard but as it is using RAMBUS ram it's actually been damn good at its job.

The Lazy Writer

Lazy writing is a pain for readers.

I deal with this a lot at work as a software developer and project manager. Typically this occurs in support issues raised by clients.

The flow of reading doesn’t just apply to formal writing (books, newspapers, blogs) it applies pretty much everywhere there is a written word.

Some of our clients use text speak and it can take an age to parse what they are saying. Each time you go back and re-read the reported issue you have to spend the time to re-parse the text. The result is; them being, for want of a better word, lazy as writers just means all of the readers have to do the work instead.


I was stumbling through fail blog today and came across a fail/win entry of an algebra problem.

The answer in the failblog post was given, along with a drawing, as 2 animals; 1 pheasant with 138 legs and a rabbit with 41 heads (no legs it seems), "unseen" due to being in a box. Double fail.

So the problem then is.

Rabbits have four legs
Pheasants have two legs
If I own a collection of rabbits and pheasants with 138 legs and 42 heads between them how many rabbits and how many pheasants do I own.

And the answer...

Count the animals by type and not the heads and legs of course.

I was completely stuck looking for the mathematical solution for a few minutes; not knowing at all how to approach it other than it's some kind of equality problem.

So I started with what I knew.

42	= x + y
138	= (x * 2) + (y * 4)
x 	= pheasants
y 	= rabbits.

Okay that's given me some kind of starting point. Now how do I use them to get to something like x = ... and y = ...

You shouldn't let poets lie to you.

The title of this post is attributed to Björk. It's from a video where she's basically talking nonsense about how a TV works.

As seems to be the case with Björk, even when she's talking nonsense she strangely makes a lot of sense.

At the end of the video she states "You shouldn't let poets lie to you." Yet poets often lie to tell a truth.

Belief and truth are quite strange concepts that are to some extent interchangeable.

What is truth?

For someone who is religious, belief provides Truth. And so things such as I am the way and I am the truth make sense. You just have to believe.

For the more scientific among us Truth is defined through theory and experiment. Applied as the scientific method.

If we can theorise something and we can create an experiment that is reproducible and consistent with our theory we say the theory is true. This is still belief. We believe in the scientific method to define our truth. This relies on our mutual agreement on certain things. The wavelength of light that we call red is about 650nm, we agree it is red. If I suddenly decide to call 650nm light blue, that's my choice and it is still true to me. Blue light then has a wavelength of 650nm. The problem is unless I get a wide consensus for this new Blue light everyone else will claim I am a liar when I state Blue light has a wavelength of 650nm. You're also free to continue expanding on that such that "Red light has a wavelength of 650 nano metres" becomes "Blue fish has a radius of 650 scorpions". By this point rather than being called a liar you are now being called mad. It's just the consensus of the symbolism used that makes one true and one insanity.

Too Is Back

Baby Too is back at last.

I can't say I'm particularly happy about the work that's been done on the bodywork. I'll have to give it a wash and wax and see how it comes up after that.

I can't believe I've had to wait three weeks for this to be sorted.

I really hate the Astra now. Hopefully it's going back tomorrow.

It's very strange getting back into the two after such a long time away from it. It's a very different driving experience from a more modern car. It's so nice to be back in touch with the road. It bumps and it squeaks and it rattles and I love it again already. I've only driven it to go pick my partner up from work. I can't wait to drive to work tomorrow.

It's A Sunny Day But It's Pouring

The old adage, it never rains but pours feels very true today.

After getting through my MOT and starting the work needed to fix my wing mirror properly I've been slightly halted.

Shortly after my MOT; I enjoyed the "pleasure" of someone reversing out of a supermarket parking spot into my wing as I was driving down through the main thoroughfare and approaching the give way road markers.

Last night, driving home, my windscreen quite literally explodes, powdered glass and shards all over me and the interior of the car. As I got home it looks like someone has thrown something about the size of a golf ball at the car. There is a circular indent just over an inch in diameter, and then a curved dent rolling off to the side of the screen. Should have taken a photo really.

I Had A Thought

I had a thought. Oh yeah that was it.

I discovered VDPAU this evening and I'm (rather strangely) amazed at the level of hardware acceleration it gives me.

This got me to analysing my system a little. Two things have come to strike me.

The first is how damn inefficient the Microsoft platform is and the second is how different my home computing experience now is in comparison to my work experience.

I run two systems at work. A server 2008 box, core2duo, x64 4gig. Usual fairly mediocre box, but should be enough for daily use. The other is a Windows7 (oh thank the high and mighty Fista is gone) laptop, again core2duo, x64, 4 gig. plays CS:S at decent frame rates.

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